Peter Ruzicka

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Four fragments from Hoelderlin for baritone and piano (2006/07)

Debut: 3rd March 2007, Tuebingen, Turm (the Hoelderlin 'tower'), Thomas E. Bauer (baritone), Siegfried Mauser (piano) -
12th March 2007, Munich, Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts
(commissioned by the Hugo-Wolf-Gesellschaft and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts)

Peter Ruzicka ventured to take a completely different approach for "Was ist Gott," an excerpt from "An die Madonna," and two "Empedokles" fragments, which shall also be appearing in orchestrated form in his Hoelderlin opera (debut performance at the Berliner Staatsoper Unter den Linden). The second fragment provided the title for the four-piece cycle ("...und moechtet ihr an mich die Haende legen...") and, alongside "Die Erscheinung der Madonna," was proved itself to be a great exchange between an intense piano part and an equally expressive singing voice, both presented with superlative force of expression by Siegfried Mauser (piano) and Thomas Bauer.

(Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 15th March 2007)

The degree of expression conjured up by the sensitive, intoxicating flow of the vocal part is amazing. That Ruzicka's music is still pervaded by reflexive, sceptical moments was proven by the third of the four fragments, perhaps the greatest of the cycle's creations: the philosophical question "Was ist Gott" which Ruzicka composes into a melodrama where the spoken words find a magical resonance in the evovation of the piano, a resonance which is neither echo nor answer, could hardly have found a more ingenious musical execution.

(Schwaebisches Tagblatt, 6th March 2007)


Eight Beginnings for Orchestra (2005/06)

Debut performance: 22nd February 2006, Madrid, Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid, Conductor: Cristóbal Halffter, 9th March 2007, Berlin, Philharmonie, debut performance of the revised version, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Conductor: Peter Ruzicka

(Commissioned by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid)


Six Sketches on 'Hoelderlin' for the piano (2006/07)

Debut performance: 1st July 2007, the Ruhr Piano Festival, Moers, Christopher Tainton, Piano
(commissioned by the Ruhr Piano Festival)


Music for 22 Strings (2005/06)

Debut performance: 4th December 2005, the KKL Luzern, Festival Strings Lucerne, Conductor: Achim Fiedler (commissoned by the Festival Strings Lucerne)

Austrian debut performance: 23rd March 2006, Salzburg, Mozarteum Orchestra, Conductor: Ivor Bolton
German debut performance: 17th November 2006, Frankfurt, hr-Sinfonieorchester, Conductor: Peter Ruzicka (revised version 2006)

Wolfgang Schuessel Prize for Peter Ruzicka

The prize which was awarded during a ceremony at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg was endowed by the International Salzburg Association. Peter Ruzicka was honored for his outstanding achievements in the converging fields of commerce, science and culture, with special emphasis on his openminded and tolerant appraisal of European culture. The laudation was given by Professor Dr. Clemens Hellsberg, member of the board of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Peter Ruzicka has been commissioned with a new piece for orchestra by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra the debut performance of which will be conducted by Christian Thielemann.

New DVD Release

disko25Peter Ruzicka conducts the Symphonic orchestra of the Bavarian Radio Symphony
Concert of 11th May 2006

The works of Hans Werner Henze: Antifone - Nocturnes and Arias - Duet from "Koenig Hirsch" - Fraternité - Appassionatamente (includes portraits of the works of and interviews with Hans Werner Henze and Peter Ruzicka)

A co-production of BR/BR-alpha/B.O.A./WERGO

This DVD, developed on the occasion of Hans Werner Henze's birthday concert in May 2006 and dedicated to him, is imbued above all with the excellent interpretations of the "Antifone," the nocturnes and arias, as well as the orchestral works "Fraternité" and "Appassionatamente". With a duet from "Koenig Hirsch" which was previously excluded in other productions of the opera is presented here for the first time.

(Juan Martin Koch, Neue Musikzeitung 3/2007)

Silver Mozart Medal for Peter Ruzicka

Following a concert of the Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg ("Dialoge") on 3rd December 2006 where he conducted pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gyoergy Kurtág, Peter Ruzicka and Richard Strauss, Peter Ruzicka was awarded the silver Mozart medal of the Mozarteum International Foundation in recognition of his engagement for the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The laudation was given by President Dr. Johannes Honsig-Erlenberg as part of a reception for the friends of the Salzburg Festival.